Who we are. . .

Comic of Computer Typist

Reliable Computer Services(RCS) is a computer consulting company formed by Tom Campbell.

Tom has a rich background of over 15 years in Computer Programming and Computer Information Technologies.

Tom left Mellon Bank in 1995 to form the basis of what has now become a full service Computer Consulting firm. Check out our services page to learn more about our specific areas of expertise.

Reliable Computer Services(RCS) is an "end to end" Computer Information Technology Consulting Company, Specializing in Website Development and Custom Application Development Technologies.

Whether you need a small static web site to establish your "online presence" or you are interested in developing a full blown ecommerce system, RCS can provide valuable service and resources for your project. Not only can we design and develop your custom information systems, we also provide a full range of consulting services to get your company where it needs to be in today's Information Technology arena.

Our Mission

The primary mission of RCS is to profitably satisfy our clients needs by providing an affordable range of Information Technology(IT) services focusing primarily on custom application programming, database design and web based application systems.

Where We Are

Reliable Computer Services(RCS) is a computer consulting company located in Gibsonia, PA. Although we are located in the northern subburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we have performed work for clients as far away as Maryland and Ohio.

What We Do

Actting as your Management Information Systems(MIS) department, RCS allows your company to take advantage of the services provided by a full time MIS director, without the full time cost We will provide you with end to end MIS consultation and help you decide which is the best direction for your company's Information Management needs. Our rates are competitive and fair. In fact, Our clients find that we are more affordable because they do not need to hire another full time employee. Yet, they are able to enjoy the benefits of a full time professional MIS director at "part time" cost.

The Kinds of Services we Provide

RCS offers a broad range of services through core competencies tapped in-house. This includes Custom Programming and Database Design; Internet strategies including Web Site Design and Database Integration; Network Design and Management. Finally, RCS offers General Computer Consulting and Support Services under an RCS support contract as well as Home Computer Consulting and Services.

Can RCS handle large corporate projects?

In the case of large enterprise wide projects, RCS can act as your project manager or simply another member of an "outsourced" team. Its up to you. If you hire RCS to handle the whole project, we can manage the project by securing and utilizing approved subcontracted labor on your behalf.

We are also willing to work in tandem with any other outside firm that you have employed to work on your projects or application development.